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103 colmore row

103 colmore row, formerly known as national westminster house, was a building on colmore row, birmingham, england.the original building was designed by john madin and was completed in october 1975 as offices and a banking hall for national westminster bank.after national westminster bank vacated the building it passed through several ownerships but failed to lease its offices.

tile-based game

a tile-based game is a game that uses tiles as one of the fundamental elements of play. traditional tile-based games use small tiles as playing pieces for gambling or entertainment games. some board games use tiles to create their board, giving multiple possibilities for board layout, or allowing changes in the board geometry during play.. each tile has a back undifferentiated side and a .

square kilometre array

the square kilometre array ska is an intergovernmental radio telescope project proposed to be built in australia and south africa.conceived in the 1990s, and further developed and designed by the late-2010s, if built, it would have a total collecting area of approximately one square kilometre sometime in the 2020s.

100 cambridge street

100 cambridge street, formerly the leverett saltonstall building, is a high-rise building located in the government center district of boston, massachusetts. the building stands at 396 feet 121 m with 22 floors. it was completed in 1965 and underwent major renovation and expansion in the early 2000s. the building is just a few feet shorter than the 400-foot 122 m height required for .

architecture of chile

quinta monroy housing was built as a social security house for a slum in 2004 in iquique, a city in chile. the local government provided a subsidy of 7,500 to 100 families. therefore, ideally, on 5000 square meters of land, each household can only build 36 square meters of housing, under normal circumstances, its cost is three times that of social security housing. so, the challenge of this .


the design of the neighborhood is unique. it is a mixture of . most people live in green roofed houses typicallyof about 100 square meters, suitable for a couple with a child. the price per square meter is about 12000 yuan, comparatively cheaper than others in nanjing nowadays. the red houses are, built around the lake but separated from it by a line of villas. the red houses are about 200 .

noblesse palace

noblesse palace is a historical monument in bucharest, romania. the architecture of the building is in eclectic style built by architect alexandru svulescu. it has 30 rooms on an area of 1100 square meters. in the first phase, it was used as a bank and home by the berkowits. it became an important cultural centre, including the noblesse interiors showroom and the noblesse art gallery .

tanghalang pambansa

the tanghalang pambansa has three exhibit halls and another three hallways that can be used for displaying artwork. the largest exhibition space is the bulwagang juan luna, which serves as the main gallery. located on the third floor, it has a floor area of 440 square meters 4,700 sq ft .

geestharden house

the geestharden house german: geesthardenhaus , also called the cimbrian house cimbrisches haus , schleswig house schleswiger haus , slesvig house danish: slesvigsk grd or southern jutland house snderjysk grd due to its geographical spread in jutland, is one of three basic forms on which the many farmhouse types in the north german state of schleswig-holstein are based.

edifcio copan

design and construction architect: oscar niemeyer, carlos alberto cerqueira lemos: other information number of rooms: 1,160: parking: 221: website www.copansp.com.br: the edifcio copan copan building is a 118.44-metre 459 ft. tall, 38-story residential building in downtown so paulo, brazil. it has 1,160 apartments and is one of the largest buildings in brazil. design, construction .

casa vives

1,174 square meters 12,640 sq ft built: 1860: architect: . another significant design in casa vives related to ponce 39s climate is the treatment given to the air circulation within the living quarters. the house has high ceilings, ranging from 14 to 15 feet, to give hot air more space to rise. adorned ventilation holes are strategically located at the four corners of every room 39s ceiling .

square metre

the square metre international spelling as used by the international bureau of weights and measures or square meter american spelling is the si derived unit of area with symbol m 2.. adding and subtracting si prefixes creates multiples and submultiples however, as the unit is exponentiated, the quantities grow geometrically by the corresponding power of 10.


the red houses are about 200 square meters, usually available to a couple with a kid and also with their parents. it is a kind of spring-layer house, having a kitchen , a dining room, a toilet, a balcony, an amusement room and a ding room in the first floor and two bedrooms, two toilets, a restroom, a balcony in the second floor, with a 50-square-meter rooftop.

onterie center

onterie center is the first concrete high-rise in the world to use diagonal shearwalls at the building perimeter. this type of design uses fewer columns and allows for a distinct unit layout. in 1986 this building won the best structure award from the structural engineers association of illinois. in addition to its 594 apartments, onterie center also includes more than 140,000 square feet .

villa sturegrden

design and construction architect: gunnar asplund: villa sturegrden is arguably the first completed project 1913 by architect gunnar asplund. it is a residential house located in the city of nykping, some 100 km south of stockholm, sweden. the home was built for local bank manager oscar wichman. wichman describes the project in his autobiographic krnika chronicle : .

malibu tile

malibu tile is a type of ceramic tile that takes its inspiration from the tiles that were produced at malibu potteries in malibu, california, during the latter half of the 1920s.these tiles reflect a style of design that is referred to as hispano-moresque or arabesque exhibiting bright contrasting glaze colors often in geometric patterns that are reminiscent of tiles produced many centuries .

ganjali khan complex

the complex covers an area of 11,000 square meters and is centered on a large public squareninety-nine meters by fifty-four meterswhich is aligned with vakil bazaar running eastwest to its south.


the museumplein dutch pronunciation: myzejmplin english: museum square is a public space in the museumkwartier neighbourhood of the amsterdam-zuid borough in amsterdam, netherlands.located at the museumplein are three major museums the rijksmuseum, van gogh museum, and stedelijk museum and the concert hall concertgebouw.. the area was originally a wax candle factory and .

guangzhou library

the new guangzhou library covers a gross area of 100 thousand square meters and holds 8.43 million collection. it provides four thousand seats and 500 computers for readers to use. there are four thousand internet nodes and the wifi service is available in the whole building. services provided include the lending and housing of materials and reference services. equipped with rfid technology .

ignacio solano

ignacio solano cabello born 17 june 1977 is a spanish biologist, landscaper and expert on biological interactions.he is recognized for the creation of and holds the patent for vertical ecosystems, an innovative concept in the design and construction of green walls. he is the author of the definitive guide of the vertical garden.


in london the construction of finished retrofit basements is big business with a large number of projects in the 100200 square meter bracket. there are a smaller number of projects in the 200500 square meter bracket under construction. it is also not unusual to see multi-level retrofit basements. these are considerable works of civil engineering and require some skill and intuitive .

sturegarden house

sturegarden house is a residential house designed by swedish architect gunnar asplund in 1913 in nykping in nykping municipality, sweden. the home was built for local bank manager oscar wichman. sturegarden house is one of gunnar asplunds earliest works, arguably the first completed. oscar wichman describes the project in his autobiographic krnika chronicle : a southward facing .

grid reference

since, in the uk at least, a 6-figure grid reference identifies a square of 100-metre sides, an 8-figure reference would identify a 10-metre square, and a 10-digit reference a 1-metre square. in order to give a standard 6-figure grid reference from a 10-figure gps readout, the 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th digits must be omitted, so it is important not to read just the first 6 digits. see also .

namako wall

namako wall or namako-kabe sometimes misspelled as nameko is a japanese wall design widely used for vernacular houses, particularly on fireproof storehouses by the latter half of the edo period. the namako wall is distinguished by a white grid pattern on black slate.geographically, it was most prominent in parts of western japan, notably the san 39in region and san 39y region and, from the .

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