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slab formwork deck formwork . joists are positioned roughly 12 inches, 30 centimeters apart upon which boards or plywood are placed. the stringers and joists are usually 4 by 4 inch or 4 by 6 inch lumber. the most common imperial plywood thickness is inch and the most common metric thickness is 18 mm. metal beam slab formwork. similar to the traditional method, but stringers and joist .

gusset plate

gusset plate is a plate for connecting beams and girders to columns. a gusset plate can be fastened to a permanent member either by bolts , rivets or welding or a combination of the three. 1 they are used in bridges and buildings , as well as other structures .


a leeboard is a form of pivoting keel used by a sailboat in lieu of a fixed keel. typically mounted in pairs on each side of a hull, leeboards function much like a centreboard, allowing shallow draft craft to ply waters fixed keel boats cannot. only one, however, the leeward, is used at a time, as it does not get lifted from the water when the boat heels under the force of the wind. a disadvantage is that they typically ship little ballast, limiting an otherwise unballasted craft 39s ability to he


shoring is used on board when damage has been caused to a vessel 39s integrity, and to hold leak-stopping devices in place to reduce or stop incoming water. generally consists of timber 100 mm x 100 mm and used in conjunction with wedges, to further jam shoring in place, pad pieces to spread the load and dogs to secure it together. also used on board is mechanical shoring as a quick, temporary .

pvc decking

pvc decking is composed entirely of polyvinyl chloride pvc and contains no wood. . the deck board core is coated and bound with an outer plastic shell, but the materials can be temperamental and hard to work with. commercial production is challenging, not only for this reason, but also because about one eighth of the deck boards produced are considered unsellable and therefore scrapped .


a skateboard is a type of sports equipment used for skateboarding.they are usually made of a specially designed 7-ply maple plywood deck with a polyurethane coating for smoothness and durability and wheels attached to the underside.. the skateboarder moves by pushing with one foot with other foot balanced on the board, or by pumping one 39s legs in structures such as a bowl or half pipe.

framing construction

wall sheathing, usually a plywood or other laminate, is usually applied to the framing prior to erection, thus eliminating the need to scaffold, and again increasing speed and cutting manpower needs and expenses.

domestic roof construction

domestic roof construction is the framing and roof covering which is found on most detached houses in cold and temperate climates. . or boards, plywood, or oriented strand board form the roof deck also called the sheeting or sheathing to support the roof covering. heavier under purlins or purlin plates are used to support longer rafter spans. tie beams, which may also serve as ceiling .

longboard skateboard

longboard decks are typically made from plywood: anywhere from two to eleven layers, each . the drop through design has cutouts that allow the base-plate of the truck to protrude through the board, thus lowering the deck and providing more stability. in addition to this, drop through decks decrease grip, as the deck is closer to the axle and moment arm of the wheel. there is also less .

kitchen cabinet

the best choices for strength are plywood and higher-quality particle board they also have the benefit of being less susceptible to warping from moisture. stiffness increases rapidly with shelf thickness regardless of material choice, a 3 4 -inch 19 mm shelf is 73 stiffer than a 5 8 -inch 16 mm shelf, even though it is only 20 thicker.

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